Sam Stover

Red, White and Blue Half Marathon
FEATURING Samantha Stover
EVENT Red, White and Blue Half Marathon
TIME Sunday, July 1st, 2018


Here at Reunion Church we are grateful when others come along side us in this crazy thing of planting a brand new church. It takes all kinds of people, prayer and events to make a plant successful. Enter one such person Sammy Stover with a crazy idea. 11 years ago, Pastor Mark met and married Sammy and James. Recently Sammy came to us and said, “Hey I want to run for a cause bigger than just myself. Could I run this on behalf of Reunion Church?” To which we said, “Uhm YA!!!!” Insert high fives here!

So to her friends, family and others who may see this page: July 1, Sammy Stover will be running in the Red, White and Blue Half Marathon in Long Beach. We would love for you to support her as she is running for something bigger than just herself. We, along with Sammy and James are asking you to come along with prayer, donations and jumping in with them to plant this church.

Follow these hashtags and Sammy’s journey to bring hope, purpose and a forever family to her community: #reunionto #runningforsomethingbigger #redwhiteandblue #halfmarathon #helpmegothedistance

If you would like to give toward her half marathon, click here. Once on the give page under the “Give To” section, select: Running for Reunion.  All gifts are tax-deductible.
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