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It truly takes a team, here at Reunion Church. We believe that everyone, with their own unique differences and personalities bring something to the table. And, there are so many opportunities for you to get involved each and every week. Here are just a few ways you can serve at Reunion Church. Be sure to click the link above to get plugged in!



We love our kids here at Reunion Church, and we are always looking for great volunteers who want to love on kids! Every Sunday, we have engaging kids programming for birth through 5th grade. Click the link if you would like to get involved!




It is so important to have smiling faces greeting people, serving donuts and answering any questions as people walk in the door. These are the people that are creating an enviroment that welcomes people home to Reunion Church!

SET UP/tear down


 Each week we set up church in the local Regal Cinemas. We get really comfy chairs, but it means we have to load in and out all of our gear each Sunday. Be a part of this awesome team that helps make Sunday mornings happen by setting up the stage, sound system, kids theater, and more!




Each weekend we have the opportunity to sing in our services alongside a team who brings us quality tunes! We are always looking for skilled and passionate musicians with a desire to serve with the band. Let us know if this could be you, and we can take steps to get you plugged in.

There are so many ways you can get involved! If you didn’t see the specific serving opportunity you were hoping for, or you aren’t yet sure what you would like to be a part of, click the link below and we will be sure to get you serving in the right spot!